Artist Statement

Hi, and welcome! I’m a mixed-media artist, illustrator, and designer living and working in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. I create intricate drawings and block prints combined with wild splashes of ink to celebrate the natural world.

Art for me is a way of indulging my curiosity by exploring and learning about the things that most inspire me. Through the process of drawing or carving a block for printing I get to take the time to focus in and notice all of the little details that make up a plant or animal. From the tiny, spectacle shaped markings at the end of a baby green tree python’s snout, to the way the pattern of an echidna’s spines follows the contours of its body, each is an incredible living work of art.

My mission as an artist is to share the wonder and joy that I find in nature, and inspire care for our beautiful planet. It needs us, and we need it. I truly believe that all of the magic we will ever need is right here, in this special place we get to call our home.

If you have any questions or are interested in one of my pieces that is not listed on my website, please don't hesitate to get in touch via email or over social media!


Soquel, CA

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