Artist Statement

Connecting to nature is connecting to life -
to a sense of freedom inherent in possibility and impermanence, evolution and growth. The universal themes and patterns I see in nature remind me that I too am part of nature. What I observe becomes the visual language of my work. Fractals, flow, waves, spirals, chaos and balance are concepts from nature I use to better understand the events in my life and embrace its evolution.

There was a time when I didn’t know what the future would bring, so I began to focus on the moments before me. I learned to explore the fullness of a moment - to find depth and joy by activating my senses and expanding what I experienced. I consistently find in nature the unexpected, a feeling of wonder, and a spontaneity that ignites all senses and compels me to live in the present.

This work is a visual representation that explores my engagement in life. I seek to emulate nature’s eloquent simplicity, by removing distractions to let the meaningful speak. It’s the brush stroke that has so much to say once it has the space to be seen. Using color, texture, shape, and movement I aim to open a dialog between seeing and feeling.
I enjoy working with the palette knife, non-traditional tools, and fluid pigments as a means of pairing improvisation with technique and planning. Inspired by the zero waste cycles of the earth, I am consistently researching and applying conscious methods to reduce plastics and create more sustainable work.


235 Brown Gables Rd