Artist Statement

Larinda Sawyer is an intuitive artist who works to communicate the beauty of life and to illuminate soul essence. Her journey on the shamanic path perpetually shapes her life choices and propels her artistic growth. As a woman, she’s inspired to bring spiritual and physical creativity into the world, and to make connections with others who embrace female energy and power.

Larinda’s artwork also reflects her everyday surroundings, which are abundant with nature. She lives in the coastal foothills of California, near the ocean and redwoods. Aspects of the intense flow of the sea sometimes take visual form as she works. Her experiences with hiking, yoga, vegetable gardening and bee-friendly plant cultivation often influence various elements in her paintings as well.

Currently Larinda works primarily in encaustic, a luminescent, wax-based technique that helps convey the spiritual content of her paintings. Future plans include large-scale pieces, possibly also in encaustic, and abstractions that can express thoughts and visions arising from meditation and shamanic practice.



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