Artist Statement

I paint with oils on canvas with a focus on color, light, expression and gesture. I began with landscape paintings, inspired by the many beautiful here in beautiful California and such lovely light. Yet, more than the place, I paint my response to the place and it becomes a conversation, often to be finished in my studio.

Since then, my conversations have become more interior and the painting itself has a louder voice in that conversation, with my series of ‘self-portraits’. These began as an offshoot of my daily ‘journal/mood’ sketch (along with a poem). I decided to develop this conversation with myself and see where it would lead. So, I started to choose one drawing each month to develop into a painting and let the painting guide me on that journey. I frequently include the poem that goes with the drawing in this conversation. I am often surprised at the places I end up. Lately, I have started ‘abstracting’ some of these interior conversations.



429 Beel Drive, Santa Cruz, CA, USA