Artist Statement

Welcome to Judy’s Creative Art…

I am a Fluid Art or Acrylic Pour Paint Artist who Can’t Wait to Paint!♥️

I love this form of Art because; for the most part there are no rules, no boundaries and no two paintings are ever identical.  You sometimes never know what you will get when the paint hits the canvas or the walls or the cabinets or the floor or whatever!

My love for creating comes in many forms, I create jewelry, garden art, paintings, resin art, coasters,, trivets, clocks and more.

I love sharing my Creative Abilities in the way of classes, social media and on such great Networks as this.

Thank you for visiting and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions regarding my art availability, prices, classes or questions in general.  I can be reached at or Facebook at Judy’s Creations or Instagram at jmpartist.

Make It a Great Day!
Judy Patterson


Scotts Valley