Artist Statement


I followed a 30-year journey in photojournalism working for three major Bay Area newspapers. I stopped, reflected, and then took a journey down a new, unfamiliar road when I discovered encaustic art. Upon retirement, I put aside my 35mm cameras and long lens and began a love affair with the iPhone camera and then I found a perfect marriage between my photography and encaustic medium.

Putting the natural bee's wax combined with the damar resin and fusing it on my photos brought them to life in a new way.  Unlike straightforward photography, encaustic touched me on what felt like a more organic level.  Adding a translucent look to my photos magically gave them a painterly quality.  The wax makes them more dramatic and adds another dimension, a textural, sculptural and three-dimensional quality. While the photography is realistic, the encaustic gives it an impressionistic feeling that takes the viewer to another place.

Discovering encaustic has sparked a passion for the art so am also creating some abstract and painted pieces of art.


204 Cayuga Street, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

(415) 683-8334
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