Artist Statement

“Johanna McCormick’s paintings reveal the tranquility and infinite vastness
of remembered landscape. In their minimalist expression they trigger precious
memories of places once experienced and often forgotten.

It is a temptation to say that one has an awareness of one's size in the expansiveness
of such vistas, but rather than feeling small as we gaze into Johanna’s paintings, we
have a sense of ourselves as an interrelated part of nature, much bigger than our mind
could ever grasp.

Spending much of her life exploring the remote and wild places of America, Johanna’s
artwork reflects her deep connection to nature and her paintings are a necessary
manifestation of her immersion into the land. It is an essence that she shares rather
than a particular place which allows us to find our own connection, our own memory,
that is as individual as it is universal.

This expression of tranquility is for everyone. Even the most gregarious of us craves a
moment of peace in our busy lives. Johanna’s Landscapes Of The Mind—and I would
add, the heart, gives us just this.”


Santa Cruz Mountains

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