Artist Statement

My adventures in art and craft have taken me down many different roads of expression.
In nearly fifty years of artistic exploration, I’ve practiced drawing in pen and ink and graphite; writing poetry, magazine articles and cookbooks; painting in watercolor, acrylic, and oil; composing music and lyrics for original songs; and creating and producing musicals for the stage. Along the way, I had no inkling that this random approach would come together as a cohesive life’s work. I studied and worked in different genres simply to satisfy my obsession with craft and artistic form. But because I’ve recently added set design to my list of achievements – having convinced theaters to use my artwork in two out of the four musicals I’ve written and staged over the past twenty years – I now see these diverse crafts coalescing into a unified tapestry of expression.


517 Riverview Drive, Capitola, CA, USA

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