Artist Statement

Small Wonders During Covid 19, 2020

I seek to create art vibrant with color and light to capture the whimsical side of life. In the last six months during the pandemic, I have completed a series of small paintings to cheer up people as they shelter-in-place. It has been a blessing to see these small paintings come to life. Even during a pandemic, we can find the bigger picture and find gratitude— especially for the birds, animals, flowers, and the whimsy in life.

Materials include Golden acrylic paints, Poska inks, and collage on watercolor paper. I used a variety of techniques including pouring, layering, and painting. Each painting is matted and framed in an 8 x 8 black frame with glass. ($50 a piece)

I also have large intuitive acrylic paintings on canvas for sale — the last twelve of the group on this website. (Prices vary.) See also my website at Please call for an in-person appointment or to purchase a painting at 831 251-0866.




1030 River Street, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

831 251-0866
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