Artist Statement

What I make

I work with cement-based mediums, casting them into various shapes and molds. My work is functional or decorative and consists of vessels, containers, platters and bowls. Lidded vessels are intended for ceremonial use, to protect something special or purely to enjoy their unique form.

Working philosophy

Since the pieces I create are one-of-a-kind, there’s always a new problem to be solved. I set out with an idea and a mold in mind, but ultimately the material dictates the direction, opening space for spontaneity as well as interesting accidents. I discovered that by working with the accidents and not rejecting them, each piece has the potential of going to another level when brought back to wholeness.


For finishes and adornments,  I work with sealers, resins, waxes, paints, powders and machined and cast metal parts such as pulleys, gears and ball-bearings as well as twigs, wood and worn glass. I use these elements to create imaginative lids and stands making each piece unique.

For studio appointments, pricing inquiries or general questions please send your emails to My work is also available at the Lori Austin Galleries in Sonoma at

831 588 7335
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