Artist Statement

My work is very much tied to my own spiritual journey which has become it’s power and it’s mystery as I’m never really sure what a piece means, sometimes until long after it’s finished. I hope that my work brings joy to those who see it. At the core, joy is where my work comes from and is the purpose of its existence. My work is meditation for me and, I hope, it’s viewers.

While it is very process-based, I’m slowly uncovering it’s many meanings as well. I’ve begun to focus on the Light as it’s own character in the narrative; Light is subject matter in it’s own right. I love paying homage to Nature as a focused subject matter but the real hero, for me, is the Light.

On a more specific level, I hope it also serves reminds us all of the beauty, power, purity and importance of Nature. The flora and fauna represent the beauty of the physical world that we get to enjoy every day, if we so choose, while the light is a reminder of the always present divinity that we may also enjoy, if we so choose. I play with the communication and relationship between these two realities in visual ways. These include variations in how much of the composition is taken up by the Light, how much and in what fashion the Light is carved, as well as positioning and scale of the Earth-bound subject. Working with wood, especially, has given me the ability to create both visual and literal depth in my pieces when I combine watercolor painting and wood carving techniques.


Frederick Street, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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