Artist Statement

My art studio is my playground, my trampoline, my space station. My art is my banana peel, my stapler, my mirror, my lighthouse, my raincoat, my hat offering me shelter from the storm.  If only I could move mountains, move the world! with one tiny or colossal sculpture, one painted expression or impression. I can’t…not yet. But I love the fun and daring and radical unpredictability of searching, sweating, destroying, revealing a parade of pieces inspired by a committee of artists that are all me, and yet way more than “me”.  Really, it’s all about connection.   And if any of my art touches you, my heart bursts at the seams.

As I see it, anything that wakes us up, helps us access imagination, wisdom, love, compassion, connection with something bigger like peace, presence and joy is the real deal.  ART, YOGA, BUDDHIST MEDITATION have been my menage a trois for over thirty years. And I’m lucky to be with them and all my other obsessions of love on this magic carpet ride. Ultimately I think all of life is a work of art and I celebrate it in a “life is good” kind of way--body, heart and soul.

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