Artist Statement

I am fascinated with our natural world, noticing everything from the sculpted serpentine walls of a slot canyon to golden reflections feathering down a river. I am constantly studying the profusion of colors and textures in nature, and the myriad qualities of light that can transform an ordinary scene into something luminous. When I'm drawn to a particular place to paint, I focus on these qualities, in order to express that specific moment in that place.

I enjoy experimenting with various materials in my paintings to convey this vibrance in nature. I use sea sponges, a range of textured papers, acrylic and oil paints as well as plaster, on occasion. I also enjoy the challenge of plein air pastels, and the endless possibilities of encaustic.  Ultimately I intend  to create art that speaks clearly of the sublime in nature, and the deep interconnection we sense when we are out in such places.


208 Highland Court, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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