Artist Statement

As an artist I am always looking at the abundance of objects that are out in the world. So many things are designed, manufactured, used briefly and then discarded. I try to see these objects differently: the shape, texture, movement, quality and the imprint of time. I take discarded material and use it in a way that highlights the special quality I see in it. I look at the grain of wood, lines of metal, the beauty of rust markings, the shape of a seedpod, the sharp angle yet rounded head of a nail. I want to reassess what garbage is and how something is used. I want to question the buying and manufacturing of useless, redundant stuff. Then there is the joy I want to show in combining these desperate objects. The fun I have is apparent; in the way things relate to each other, how the piece is constructed and the story it tells. Each piece is one of a kind, unique in the relationship of the elements to each other and to the vision I create.


5390 McKinley Way, Felton, CA, USA

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