Artist Statement

Painting  is an important part of my life as it is a way for me to process this busy world and bring some color to my everyday. You may find that colors can be something that can  improve  your well being,  which affects  your attitude in life.  My bright paintings will let you relax and enjoy your time at home.

I have been painting and drawing for more than 20 years. I think that colors add so much to a room that they are hang  in. I spend my time making paintings of the world around me . I love creating  something out of nothing:  blank white paper does not scare me. Take a look and see what colorful paintings you can add to every room in your home. All custom orders are welcome and encouraged.


The paintings categories included here are:

Beach Paintings - Landscapes - Sailboats - Sunsets - People at the Beach

Flowers - in Vases and in Scenes - plus 3 of my mixed media painting featuring crocheted flowers and some extras

Birds - just a few of the dozen I have on



3430 Gross Road, Santa Cruz, CA, USA