Artist Statement

Sprawling out from geometric roots and deliberate angles, shocks of color and swaths of rich grain find their own path, transforming a once barren desert of expression into an abstractly organic landscape reaching out with living fingers. Expanding in multiple directions from her experience as a painter and muralist, Human Shaped Animal creates a striking bouquet of multimedium pieces. By cross-pollinating her original designs with digital fabrication and live plants she has reaped a mind-bending garden of complex form and moving stillness.

Human Shaped Animal a.k.a Rachel Barnes currently resides in Santa Cruz, California. After receiving a B.A. in Painting and Digital Design from Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania, she relocated to Upstate New York for some soul searching. With soul in hand she took a month to travel the country to experience the West Coast for the first time in her adult life. Completely enamored by the ever-changing landscapes and energy that came from them, she soon relocated to Santa Cruz, California in 2016. When not exploring new expressions of her own evolving work she is working in the world as a mural artist and large scale projects.

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