Artist Statement

When we spend time in wild places we thrive. Our mind clears, our bodies grow strong and relaxed. We wonder to ourselves, 'how can I hold on to this feeling when I go back home.' I've spent a lot of time outside wondering this.

I feel most a part of this world when I can see the stars overhead and feel the ground firmly below me. The wilderness is my true home. When I see a land, sea or riverscape that I love I want to be absorbed in it. I want to slink into the current of a river, blow with a swaying grassy meadow.

Landscapes evolved subconsciously in my art. I found myself creating scenes that could take me back to touch that feeling of wild. Sometimes those places are the microcosm of folded grass, the seaweeds I see when swimming in the ocean, and even just the ebb and flow of energy as it passes through this world. Mountains play a big part in my art because I love the scale of them. And I love to scale them! When I'm in the mountains I am reckoned with my own tiny place in this world compared to the vast natural systems of a mountain range.

My art pieces range from mosaics with naturally found stones and stained or mirrored glass to free hanging stained glass panels and window installations. My art features unique mouth blown and hand rolled sheet glass that was imported from Europe in the 1970's and 80's alongside modern machine made glass. My focus is on choosing just the right streaks of color in the glass to compliment my hand drawn patterns into becoming a place you can get lost in.

One of the greatest pleasures of stained glass is that it looks different throughout the day as the light changes. You may think stained glass panels are two dimensional art, but those who have witnessed it admit it takes on a third dimension with light. Light and glass are magic!  It's a dynamic dance that gives colors such a sense of depth that it comes alive.


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