Artist Statement


Creating art takes me to a place of trusting myself. My art reflects what I feel AND see.

Nature and family are my strongest inspirations. Also, old photographs of ancestors and strangers intrigue me: Who were they? Where and how did they live? My subjects portray my sentimental attachment to family and history.
I currently use raw, unstretched canvas to allow the best expression of myself in the materials. I apply bold gestures to express the strength of my feelings toward a subject. The marks and strokes allow me to express without words; color allows me to add emotion to these marks and strokes. The most freeing part for me is laying down the groundwork for my pieces and exploring different mediums. I start with graphite, charcoal and felt pen. Then I move to choosing a palette and working with my composition. Always conscious of how materials affect the environment, I work mainly with acrylics, and always strive to use safe methods.


800 Estates Drive, Aptos, CA, USA