Artist Statement

California Oaks… they sparkle when it rains and furnish cooling shade in the heat of summer. They provide habitats for animals, insects, and a huge variety of birds. Nature makes me think about the complexities of where we come from, our roots, our connections. These themes play a vital part in how I translate the world around me.

I’m a printmaker storyteller. My summons and my challenges are interpreting our history, our genealogy, our connections with our environment. Each ink layer a representation of our networks and how they are a vital part of our existence. Each printed symbol an image that provides a visual dialog of our time here. Most of my work is about our human home.

Paul Klee and his works on paper, which tell huge imaginary stories with a blend of biology and machinery, are magical and have been an influence in my work.


1530 Hidden Valley Road, Soquel, CA, USA