Artist Statement

My inspiration comes from the natural raw beauty that exists precariously beyond the relentless push of modern development.  With each photograph, I allow the natural elements of color, shape, and motion to resonate with an echo of my own feelings.  My goal is to present a timeless image that invites an individual emotional response for each viewer.

A Word on Wildlife Photography

It is my goal to capture rare moments or thought provoking, unusual compositions of animals in their natural environment.  It is critical for me to record special and fleeting moments without interfering with the animals' natural behaviors in any way.  I therefore maintain a safe and non-disturbing distance by using very large telephoto lenses and if possible I use my vehicle as a "blind."  Sometimes animals will venture close enough to my vehicle where I can use a smaller focal length lens however.  Light sources such as flash is used sparingly and only if no disturbance to my subjects is observed.

Work Description & Medium

My work is comprised of approximately 2/3 wildlife and 1/3 landscapes.  All of my subject matter is photographed on location in the wild.  I now edit digitally for contrast and color correction, but to maintain a photographic purity no elements are added or removed.  Effects such as motion blur are created "in camera."  After years of printing on fine art papers, for the past few years I have been mostly furnishing my work on aluminum prints.  Unlike paper prints where ink is used, in metal prints dyes are infused into an acrylic substrate which is then baked onto an aluminum sheet.


Eastside Santa Cruz, between Capitola Mall and Pleasure Point

(831) 915-2879