Artist Statement

When I talk about physical danger in a piece, it’s a way of stepping out of that area where jewelry is something pretty, that can make you look more attractive... it becomes something else – a statement, or maybe something that may protect you or make you look sort of bad-ass, make you possibly something that should be feared; the opposite of how I thought about jewelry growing up.

Another danger is about being politically incorrect and crossing boundaries, possibly offending people. Pushing boundaries can change paradigms and beliefs, which in turn can change how we think about things in the long run. I have a series of jewelry titled “The Dangerous Vagina” where I insinuate the folds and curves of the vagina. It hasn’t been socially acceptable to use the word ‘vagina’ in everyday conversation (even though half of the population has one) which makes it a bit socially dangerous. Will someone be offended? Can the vagina create fear in an unsuspecting person?

I have forged, folded, formed and fused copper to form these unusual pieces. Colored with kiln or torch-fired enamels. Designed to be slightly uncomfortable.