Artist Statement

Eva Bernstein

Artist Statement:

Today it will be cobalt blue.
The first mark begins another passage through
the sea within me.
Only at that depth is my work nourished.

For the past 25 years I have primarily been a monotype printmaker. However, during the past 2 years I have been working almost exclusively drawing with oil sticks on archival paper (not to be confused with oil pastels). Printmaking and drawing present different challenges both technically and conceptually. My monotype printmaking demands that a piece be fully realized within a single art-making session. Drawing allows me to develop work over an extended period. Whatever the medium all my work is process driven. Each piece evolves as I react to the preceding mark. Nothing is predetermined. Though my imagery is generally non-objective, my long time practice of figure drawing often leads to unintentional references to it in my work. Whether printmaking or drawing each studio session is an exploration of technique and imagery. For me the magic of art-making continues unabated.


Quail Drive, Bonny Doon CA