Artist Statement

Each day spent in the landscape brings the artist closer to understanding its essence.  Sometimes one finds it by drawing/painting, sometimes by walking, listening, bird watching, or just sitting. The feel of a place gets under the skin, then into the brain, down to the fingers holding the brush or stick and onto the surface. The challenge for me is always how to express the absolute essence of the place in that moment.  What do I want you to feel about this place? Maybe it's the translucency of a shadow, the piercing glare of sun on water, or the color of snow in sun and shade. Perhaps it's the somber grey of a fog covered marsh or the delicate tracery of branches against the sky.  The struggle is to corral the elements of design and technique, layer it with my own emotion, and bring the viewer into this moment right now. That quest energizes me and makes me feel alive.

I work primarily with soft pastels on archival paper, layering the pastel so that colors mix and mingle and create luminosity. Each painting begins in the outdoors, where I get as much information down as possible. Some are completed there, others come back to the studio to be finished or become inspiration for new paintings.


Centennial Street, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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