Artist Statement

Ellen is a self taught Visionary Abstract Expressionist from New York City. She traveled cross country to California via Mexico 40 years ago.

“I paint wherefrom I dream” 

I explore the subconscious mind, cultivating the ability to relax into altered states. This is a multisensory experience that gives me access to an inner source of spontaneous creativity. Painting and mark-making this way opens the conversation with my art. My work is physical, and visceral. I push the edges of the mediums, the substrates, irregular surfaces and unrelated elements. Using canvas, saturated felt, metal, paper and found objects, I paint, scratch, rip and mar surfaces. Often constructing- deconstructing & reconstructing each piece while abandoning control or attachment to a “perfect end” result.

Frequently my work reveals images from the place we dream from, the unconscious mind. I invite the viewer to relax into their own exploration of images within the paintings. While these discoveries may originally be uniquely ours. Perhaps they are really part of a larger field? The field of our collective unconscious!

Through Experimental Expressionism, I have found my authentic voice. I want my work to inspire others to find their voice, and when they do ...scream!


Ellen has a private healing practice in Santa Cruz. Art, Hypnotherapy and Intuitive readings are a few of the many modalities she offers.


1060 River St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, USA