Artist Statement

I try to show a respect for nature in my work by maintaining a sense of realism; I also hope to convey a better appreciation for nature that is all around us. I do extensive research on the habits and habitats of all my subjects before I begin a drawing. The images I create are rendered in detail by the use of live specimens, taxidermied animals, and foliage I gather to bring into the studio. It is very important to me to be as realistic as I can, though sometimes I allow a more creative approach to guide me.
My works shown here are a mixture of original pen&ink illustrations, pencil drawings and archival-quality prints.

My art focuses on a subtle exploration of shapes and structure that can be found in the natural world through single-plane studies of birds, insects and plants in their natural environment. Each work is an intimate portrait of the subject, so as to magnify the beauty that is in nature if we are just willing to look!

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