Artist Statement

About my work

During the `1980”s I started to go outside and paint, in pastels, so a drawing painting.  I live in a magic place with the ocean and the redwood forest in my backyard.  My ‘plein air’ work celebrated the beauty of this coastal town.   It also got me making art on a regular basis.  I learned to make my own pastels, which was very handy in creating the colors I needed.

Color is very important in my work.  I gradually started painting with acrylics, a medium I was introduced to in the mid 1960’s and returned to in the 2000’s.

Using acrylic helped to establish my color palette.  A color scheme that can be attributed to the many years I taught multicultural arts and the exploration of the folk art from around the world.  I am inspired by the combination of contrasting colors and rich patterns found in the artifacts of many cultures.

My work varies in content and materials.


Santa Cruz Street, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

831 462-4498
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