Artist Statement

I photograph things I'm drawn to intuitively, not for what they are on a literal level, but for what
else they are, and how they transform into something more visually poetic. I have a special
connection with gritty urban environments; things most people walk by without noticing call out
to me with their abstract beauty. Sometimes I include people if they are symbolically charged—a
player on the metaphorical stage that is street photography.
Architectural settings as well as objects in nature can invoke my formal sensibilities; shapes,
textures, movement, the play of light, and how to bring it all together with compositional
resonance. When I set out to photograph, I don’t have an agenda beyond one of discovery and
free association. My process involves achieving a meditative state—an out of body sensation
like being in a dream—where my creative mind is free from my critical mind.


3290 Fairway Drive, Soquel, CA, USA

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