Artist Statement

I've made a decision to just go to work; to show up for the moment and the activity of painting.  I never really know what is going to happen. Starting with this openness, I am pulled into an inner world of shapes, colors, impressions, childhood memories and feelings, while being persuaded to paint from my experience of all of this going on. I'm aware of a backdrop of something very ancient and primitive: Cave paintings, the Japanese aesthetic Wabi Sabi- an intuitive and visual communication of impermanence, emptiness and suffering, as well as my own fundamental innocence.

Everything seems to start with drawing. I grab some oil pastels, and make some marks. Then I grab a tube of oil paint, and apply it directly to the surface. I have begun; watching what's happening with the materials, both near and from afar, and just being in the experience of painting. Years ago, a boyfriend who was a professional windsurfer, used to call this "beach time". He'd say that the time spent sitting on the beach, looking at the water and wind, was equally important to the time spent actually windsurfing. I spend a lot of beach time in the studio.

My desire is to receed into the background while the work takes the foreground.  The art is simply being expressed through me. It is proof of my life, my humanity and my desire to be seen.


Amma, Chuta Kimura, Wabi Sabi, Patti Smith and my son.


5601 Freedom Boulevard, #3 Aptos, CA, USA

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