Artist Statement

Cristina Sayers is a visually inspired intuitive Collage artist.

She holds an authentic eye and distinct vision in her selected medium. Her collage art origins is from handmade, old-fashioned cut and paste collage.  She makes this differentiation because so much collage work, on the internet, is composed digitally.

Influenced by Architecture, 80’s surf culture, local historical images, primary colors, neon road  signs, humor, Andy Warhol, billboards, racial equality, recycled materials, elements of nature, sea, and satire. All the before mentioned themes are common elements throughout her collage work.

During the time of global reset, she changed gears from Mixed Media to Photomontage Collage. Discovering what was immediately available in her home during quarantine gave immediacy to the exploration of Collage work. The change from Mixed Media to Collage was seamless.

Subjects and images are selected by a visceral attraction and are what Cristina finds appealing in a visual perspective The existence of these collages are found and carefully curated photographs taken in Santa Cruz, loose images torn from vintage magazines, or local collected publications. The mental stimulation involved in collecting motivational materials and planning new work is an ongoing endeavor.

These Collages are designed to appear as multidimensional in appearance. Each main subject is shadowed/layered with several pieces of solid color papers. This effect  is to draw your eye to the subject and provide attention to the small often overlooked details.

Through the use of various colors and textures allows a flow similar to reading a book. Leading a viewers eye to move from left to right.

Encouraging an observer to search for the familiar, silly, or sentimental.

The layering effect is Cristina’s distinct touch on her interpretation of Collage.

Cristina delights in the process of and finds satisfaction within the production of art. Within these paintings is her vision of Santa Cruz life, as a forever changing and growing artistic inspiration.

Her translation of collage art allows a visual humorous expression into what she considers the tongue-and-cheek joy of an artistic life.

Born and raised “among the waves”in Santa Cruz, Ca. Cristina is a child of the 70's. Growing up in what is known historically as the Salad Days of High Stoke  Surf Cultural. She attended local public elementary schools Rio Del Mar, Gault, Mountain School, Branciforte Jr. High, and was a student of Soquel, Santa Cruz, and graduate of Aptos High class of 86. From the beaches of Platforms to Natural Bridges Santa Cruz holds nostalgic memories, love, and pride of citizenship from this locally sourced artist for her hometown.

Cristina is encouraged and supported by her immediate family to pursue her desire to and love of art. She is a Mother of 4 children ages 20-39, Grandmother of 3, avid animal lover, dog walker, sand & sea admirer, and supporter/volunteer at Santa Cruz Animal Shelter.

Her days are filled with family, walks with her service dog Lenny, Uno, image hunting, satire, scissors, shits-n-giggles, & of course making art.

Questions or commissions contact artist directly.

Summer 2022 Events

Summer Roll Out Series of 20 original paintings on display May 20-July 22, 2022

1st floor of Santa Cruz Governmental Building 701 Ocean St. Monday - Friday 8-5pm

First Friday Reception June 3 5-8pm


Bargetto Art & Wine Festival

Saturday and Sunday July 24 & 25 11-5pm
3535 North Main St. Soquel, Ca


Mid-Town Fridays

Summer Block Parties

Dates of participation:

August 5 & September 9 2022

5-9pm 111 Soquel Ave


Watsonville Wine, Beer, & Wine Walk

Saturday August 20, 2022

1-5pm Civic Plaza Lobby-

corner of 2nd and Main St.


Wests Cliff Outdoor Market September 10 10am-5pm

36th Annual Open Studios Santa Cruz

Artist #294

October 8,9, and 15 & 16 2022


Can’t make a visit to Cristina’s-Aptos Art Garage during Open Studios?

Call/text/email for appointment.



Aptos Art Garage 2200 Wallace Avenue, Aptos, CA, USA

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