Artist Statement


Welcome to this place. This site is about reflecting what I make happen in Santa Cruz County and northern California. The first part showing feathers  from here and Ohio, are decorative and used for your hair, and some of the groupings in a fan for meditation or personal uses. They are none from protected birds, are mostly domestic and found.

Later using watercolor, acrylics, oil crayons, etc. I created sight seen and usually draw first to paint landscapes and abstracts.

Page will advance over time- am expecting to share links to videos I've made.

I've been an active participant in The Spring and Winter Art Markets with these at the Tannery Arts Center and am a resident at the Tannery Lofts since 2013.

Thank you.  Coral








Tannery at 1040 River St, Apt 118, Santa Cruz, Ca 95060