Artist Statement

Claire June Apana is an artist born and raised in Los Angeles, California. This diverse landscape is a reflection of her cultural diversity. As a child, she was obsessed with origami as it was a means of exploring her asian heritage through art. The look and feel of origami papers mesmerized her because this fascinating medium allowed her the ability to create delicate art with conventional materials. This passion for paper as a material followed her into her photographic endeavors.

Apana’s works focus on the concept of Impossible Realities; paradoxical ways of life that are absolute. This exposure of our human condition results from introspective thinking and a dedicated art practice. Her work utilizes photographic prints that are contorted into sculptures in order to convey this notion of impossible truths. The manipulation of raw materials allows her to reconstruct narratives into new forms. These become metaphors for the infinite possibilities we all contain and our own potential for change. Apana’s art practice is her way of taking control in an unprecedented world by means of creation. She hopes to inspire audiences to realize that small actions can create immense change.


Santa Cruz

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