Artist Statement

I started painting with my mother when I was a young child but soon ran off to play with my friends. Fond memories of my mother and the joy and calm she felt when she was painting made me curious about doing the same.  She had mentioned to me I would like acrylics randomly in one conversation many years ago.  I was gifted her brushes when she passed, I often dreamt of painting "some day". These brushes were stored in a vase on display for me to see everyday.  Eventually I picked up the brushes, bought some paint and took a weekend course to get started in acrylic painting. I haven't stopped.  I am curious about so many ways to paint and to "see". I enjoy acrylics. mixed media, oils and watercolor.  There are so many teachers I have learned from, Erin and Tom for example, as well as Jesse Reno, Susie Wilson and online courses too numerous to list right now. Even watching nature and staring at the sky, I begin to see new things,  the possibilities are endless.  I find this so exciting.  I feel joy when I paint.  It is definitely my happy place and I hope that you can feel the loving energy and happiness that I put on the canvas.




330 Swift Street, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

(831) 234-5785