Artist Statement

My styles have changed a lot over my years of image-making. However all of my work continues to be part of an ongoing inquiry into our human experience. I believe art - of all disciplines - serves to filter the collective experience of life. The visual artist, musician, writer, actor, etc. becomes the distiller, interpreting and processing the world.

As I try and make peace with the current world we’re living in, these paintings represent both reactive and mindful states of being. Although they’re a visual diary of the internal monologue I experience as I paint (it feels deeply personal), I believe our existence as human beings is inextricably linked, and hence, the realm of our experience universal. My work originates from my own experience - is run through my own filters - but it’s my desire that it speaks to the experience of others.

My work can be seen by appointment or first fridays @ Gallery 125 at the Tannery Arts Center in Santa Cruz.



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