Artist Statement

Chris Johnson has been working with color for more than 28 years, as a digital artist and animator, a blacksmith, interior design and for the last two decades as a glass artist. Chris is a BAGI (Bay Area Glass Institute) cofounder and active member. He was Studio Manager of the Glass Department at The California College of Arts and Crafts (now The California College of the Arts) From Fall 1999 to spring 2003. He has taken master classes from numerous Italian and American glass artists and exhibited his work in northern California galleries and shows. He has taught glass at CCA (The California College of the Arts) BAGI, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) SJSC (San Jose State University) and currently at his own studio, which he also designed and built in Santa Cruz, California. He is focused on continuing to explore the glass medium, developing new styles and techniques, and expanding his work with color. Chris is particularly enthusiastic about sharing his love for working with glass with others and teaches workshops open to the public, weekly at his facility in Davenport.


131 Old Coast Rd, Davenport, CA 95017, USA