Artist Statement

Painting is my passion. The mystery and excitement of creating never fails to amaze me. The possibilities are endless. I love to dip my hands in paint and literally put myself into the painting. Layers are everything. The time, the history and the stories that come from building layers all make a better painting. Honestly I could paint on one canvas forever but I force myself to do several at once. It took me years and years of practice and patience to find myself on canvas and I am only now beginning to see me emerge. Capturing a mood, a moment, a place and freezing it on canvas is a high like no other. The feeling is as intoxicating as a falling in love or swimming in warm tropical water, and it keeps me motivated. Old things fascinate me, the stories they could tell. I want to capture that essence with my own hands. Painting with abandon is my mission.


152 Myrtle Street, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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