Artist Statement

What I find most enjoyable about my work is the solitary moment of capturing a landscape in its purest form. No one is there but me. I immerse myself in the scene. As my process continues, I digitally process it in my computer, and I get to enjoy being there again. and...I get to look at it and recall a wonderful solitary moment surrounded by nature.

Landscape photography is the primary subject on my website [in process] where I also explore the work of other photographers and painters, and show my work. I have been greatly influenced by impressionist landscape painters. A significantly larger portion of my work is available to view at flickr.

The images posted here include locations in Norway, Washington, California and Oregon. I have spent years documenting Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park in the Santa Cruz Mountains, where I live.

Kindly contact me if you'd like to acquire an image that appeals to you or you have questions.



1321 Lost Acre Drive, Felton, CA, USA

831 334 1207
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