Artist Statement

Welcome! Most of my artwork is sourced from an inward awareness, from visions and visited inspirations. Meditation and quiet moments in nature provide the fertile ground for the seeds of an image, presented to my inner eye. A quick sketch then serves to fix the image for future exploration. I dedicated myself to painting these ideas starting in the early 1980s, and have been learning as I go ever since.

My techniques have evolved from airbrush, to brush painted acrylics, and finally to oils on board. When I set to working on a new piece, I am usually planning for it to be made into prints, so the original painting becomes an altar where I might devote a full year of sporadic effort. I am well versed in digital art techniques, so after scanning the painting I do all my own archival printmaking and framing. I have also done a number of murals and public art pieces around Santa Cruz county over the years.



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