Artist Statement

I love Color!  The balance of color, the splash of color, how color makes you feel inside.  I also love everything about the ocean and its seeming paradoxes.  The unpredictability that storms bring.  The calm feeling I get when I sit and watch the waves come in rhythmic patterns that are predictable and the rise and fall of the tides.  The waves are a metaphor for matter how stormy things become, if I just ride the waves, eventually everything will be fine.  My art is all about riding the waves of emotion and the colors of life that bring those emotions to a place of beauty and creativity.

All of the pieces in my collection are made from hand cut pieces of glass that are fired in my kiln.  Most pieces are fired  3 times before they are considered complete and ready.  Some pieces also include silver metal clay as part of the piece.  I shape and cut the silver metal clay and it too, gets fired in the kiln once.  Depending on the piece, the glass may be fired as part of the silver metal clay or it may be added afterwards.

You can purchase from me in multiple ways, through Facebook, my Etsy site or my website.  Feel free to call me as well!


Aptos, CA