Artist Statement

My  fascination with and exploration of material, color, proportion, and movement informed my decades-long career as a fashion designer and illustrator, and continue now to inspire my drawing, painting, and collage.

While my topics vary,  I remain intrigued with faces and figures.  Although some of my subjects are known, and I often work from photographs,  I am not concerned with portraiture, but capturing an energy and a level of consciousness beneath the form.  My influences come from my study of myth, psychology, and philosophy. My approach is loose and intuitive;  I rely on my instinct to guide my choices.

I studied at the University of Redlands California,  Chouinard Institute of Los Angeles,  Parsons School of Design New York,  Portland Art Museum school Oregon, and UCLA Los Angeles California.  I am currently studying with Tobin Keller and Andrea Borsuk.

"There’s a fine line between good planning and over planning.  You never want the planning to inhibit the natural evolution of your work."  Twyla Tharp

“Ideas are an accumulation of relevant experiences that appear as questions seeking answers”  Nathan Oliveira


"Santa Cruz"