Artist Statement

I am a self-trained artist, born in India, now living in northern California. Most of my artwork relates to oceans and skies. Having lived by the seaside while growing up in Bombay, I was fascinated by the colorful sunsets, the monsoon clouds and sounds of the waves at night, when the city noise died away.

The beauty about waves, seas, clouds and colorful sunsets is that the scenery is ever changing – from one moment to another. No two instances are identical, the clouds keep moving and changing shape; and as the sun sets, or rises, both the color and form keeps changing, creating mesmerizing combinations every second.

I try to capture these moments on the canvas – the colors, the forms, shadows and scintillations – often based on the photos from my travels to India, Hawaii, the Carribeans, and here in California. My goal is to freeze those emotions generated by the vivid colors, crashing waves and the sea breeze in my paintings and to share them with others.

Hopefully, these paintings will remind you of those walks by the beach and bring to surface fond memories of the friends and lovers whom you shared those times with.


251 Ventana Way, Aptos, CA, USA

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