Artist Statement

"My current works are nonrepresentational forms of pure color relationships. They are memories of colors of places, different color-spaces. Recently I was above the arctic circle and witnessed the midnight sun on an overcast sea, this alien light with its subdued complexity helped inspire this series. You can see a clear connection to the artist Mark Rothko, but I am also inspired from years of teaching color theory and painting “plein-air” landscapes. I begin these works by creating studies digitally (available as giclée prints) and then let them evolve into carefully crafted acrylic paintings." – Andy Muonio

Life long Northern California resident Andy Muonio was raised in East San Jose, part of a working class family of eleven. He received his BS in Illustration, a BFA in Pictorial Art (Painting and Printmaking) and an MFA in Pictorial Art all from San Jose State University.

He recently retired from teaching foundation art courses as Assistant Professor of Art at Cañada College in Redwood City, CA and a Lecturer at Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, CA. He has taught at The Community School of Music and Art, Evergreen Valley College, and San Jose State University.

+1 (408) 579 9238