Artist Statement

LadyWhoLovesBirds' Original Designs are handmade in Santa Cruz, CA by Open Studios Artist & Environmentalist, Alexandra Sanders. Alexandra works in two mediums: WATERCOLOR & the wonderful WAX PROCESS of BATIK. Her originals are photographed and then are transformed into new designs from which she creates Silk Prints, Greeting Cards, Totes, Framed Works, Magnets and Calendars.

Her work reflects her love of wildlife (The Birds~In~My~Back~Yard, AKA the BIMBY, and the shorebirds of Monterey Bay), domestic pets (particularly her beloved dog, Bella), and her favorite places (Yosemite National Park and Monterey Bay).

Alexandra specializes in commissions: from beautiful room divider fiber hangings to back-lighted wall art to greeting cards.

Fully 20% of the profits from her work goes to a variety of non-profits: bird designs benefit Santa Cruz Native Animal Rescue & Audubon; domestic animal designs benefit theĀ  Santa Cruz SPCA; shorebirds & ocean-scapes benefit Ocean Conservancy, Pelican Harbor Sea Station & Oceana; Yosemite designs benefit Earth Justice & Rainforest Action Network.

"It is my hope that my designs connect people to the wonderful world around them & encourage stewardship & protection of our many creatures & environs."

Alexandra Sanders


Santa Cruz, CA