Artist Statement

How does one put words to something that comes from the heart?

My jewelry is about color. The colors of the land where I live and the places I have traveled. It is about symbols...of the Spirit and the ancestry from the cherished faiths from around the world. It can be whimsical or spiritual...or just the touch of color to give you a bit of your own joy. I hope as you look at it you will see yourself in the beauty of this expression of art.

Call me to set up a viewing at my home in Soquel or to chat about collaborating on your own special talisman.

You can purchase my jewelry on my ETSY site,  Many Hands Gallery  (715 Capitola Ave. Ste B )in Capitola and  the Phoenix at Nepenthe, Big Sur.



5405 Glen Haven Rd, Soquel, CA, USA

831-479-9455 h. 831-818-3609 c.
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